echoes of grace...

{may the ground beneath our feet be an echo of His grace}

i am so proud to be [mrs. schallert]! words cannot express how thankful i am to each and every one of you that celebrated with us (both near and far away) on our wedding day. we truly feel your prayers and are so thankful for your support. i am blown away at how every single detail for the ceremony fell into place, so {perfectly orchestrated} in Grace. God's provision streches beyond our physical needs into the hidden places of our hearts and dreams. 

It was such an unreal day and the perfect start to this beautiful, reckless adventure together.  I am so excited to walk out life's questions beside Steve, drawing ever-closer to the heart of the Father. 

our hearts are itching to travel and to start putting some of our training into one week we trek to [kabul] (via japan and india...a few days of travel) and than will be living in [mazar-i-sharif] for the next few months; we will be learning their language so that we can build relationships and will be distributing food to those affected in the severe famine that is taking place in afghanistan right now. we will also be using our art to capture the beauty and culture of these unique people. 

contact via phone and e-mail will be limited for the 3 months that we are there, so please get in touch sometime this week before we head out ( yes, we are "honeymooning", but we are so eager to hear from you! call/write anyway!).
after [afghanistan] we are headed onward for the {'round the world track}!|908.227.1886


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