Christmas Cheer for all who Hear!


Christmas esta aqui!

Even if it may not feel like it in Hawaii, Christmas is COMING!!! We went to a Christmas Lights & Music festival with friends last night in a little Hawaiian town called Holualoa. As its name suggests, the festival was complete with Hawaiian carols (think "12 Days of Christmas" in pigeon "...Numbah one day of Christmas, my tutu give to me one mynah bird in one papaya tree..."), free Kona coffee and homemade chai, and lots of twinkle lights. We came back to our place, baked Christmas cookies and watched "Home Alone". Our friend from Denmark had never seen it and we learned from our German friend that in Germany it is called, "Kevin Alone at Home". Fun. It was also the first time that Margot had to wear a sweatshirt. Big day.


Once again we will not be in our home for Christmas. We don't have a Christmas tree up (someday. someday. someday.) but I've decorated one little corner of our house which we have been referring to as "The Christmas Shrine".

My little family is going to South Africa from January-mid March and so we are making pit stops for the holidays to celebrate with family and friends in New Jersey, Tennessee and Michigan! This will be the first time that many of our family and friends are meeting little Margot and we are so, so excited to introduce them.

I leave you with this, the cutest way the Christmas Story has ever been told. Thank you, Jenni, for showing it to me.

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