these numbers have faces.

My friend Matt works with a non profit organization in Portland that has a simple vision to see young people empowered with the right tools to defeat poverty in their own communities. These Numbers Have Faces (TNHF) invests in young South Africans by helping them to develop the skills that they need to become strong leaders in their own communities. Some of the basic ways that they do this are through providing college scholarships, mentoring, financial literacy and other necessary tools to become successful leaders.

As many of you know, South Africa is one of my favorite places on this earth and it's young people hold a very dear place in my heart. You may also know that the World Cup will be held there this year. TNHF recently launched a benefit bracket from which all proceeds will go toward soccer and education programs in the Townships of South Africa.

Visit the These Numbers Have Faces website for more information on how the bracket works and how you can be directly involved in helping young South Africans reach the potential for which they were created!

Winner(s) will also receive a 20x30 framed print and an exclusive copy of "A Beautiful Game: Football Through The Eyes Of The World's Greatest Players."


Refugees from Port Au Prince wait patiently for their turn at a registration center in St. Marc, Haiti | 2010


a pink sanctuary in the park.

the elder of the pink church in capricorn park, south africa (where we held our weekly bible study for young teens) took such great care of that special meeting place. it truly was a sanctuary in the midst of a bustling shanty town. his son, bernard, in the yellow shirt loved to help his papa.


prison baby.

born in a women's prison in afghanistan, this little guy has already had a pretty rough 16 days of life.  there is a Heavenly Father who holds him tighter than those cloths can swaddle him. please pray for protection, health and abundant life for this precious one.


Sex + Money A Global Search for Human Worth Webisode #5

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i have great friends.

this is the kind of stuff that makes living far away a little bit easier.
p.s. check out misie's blog


photo of the day.

Capricorn Park is a vibrant shanty township in South Africa. Never a dull moment...and lots of interesting faces, like this little guys piercing green eyes.


Sex + Money A Global Search for Human Worth Webisode #4

Sorry this post is a bit late, the Sex + Money crew visits a local truck stop to talk with a group of picketers called "The Defenders", truckers, and concerned citizens about trafficking. It is well documented that truck stops across the US serve as a major focal point for the Human Trafficking and Prostitution Industry.

**Please keep in mind that this video is just a snippet of a much longer documentary which gives context. In no way do we intend to shed a negative light on truckers, truck stop employees , or the trucking industry as a whole. We understand and acknowledge those who work in the industry ethically and continue to give a good name to truckers everywhere. We do however wish to shed light upon an obvious problem which often takes place along the major trucking routs and in actually invite all concerned truckers and employees to stand up for their industry and speak out against Trafficking and Prostitution along the trucking routes. This problem will end when the demand for the industry ends.**

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