Baby cheeks.

We used some of these baby photos of Steve and I for decor at Baby Schallert's first party (baby shower).


Act Justly, Love Mercy.

As you may have noticed, I've started a trend with this's called, "post sometimes and then don't post anything for a long time and then apologize and post again". So, here is the part where I apologize, sorry! and explain myself. Steve and I are currently en route to South Africa via Memphis (last week), New Jersey (now) and New York (yesterday and then again when we fly out). That may seem like a bunch of random pit stops to get to Africa but we decided to cash in some of our airline miles and visit family and friends along the way to break up the long, long flights a bit. Considering how much fun we have been having with our families, it was a pretty good idea if I do say so myself.
Some highlights from our trip thus far (and some posts for the day to come) include:

-Checking bags for free because of Steve's airline status.
-Quality Schallert sibling time and home cooked meals in Memphis.
-Attending a benefit gala with Jon & MC at Stax Museum in Soulsville.
-A mega baby shower hosted by my parents.
-A weekend in NYC with Steve's parents where we got to see his dad sing at Carnegie Hall (and go on a dinner cruise on 'The Spirit of New York'...just like in "The Office") .
 ...more to come.

In the meantime here is our latest newsletter including some details about our upcoming trip to South Africa and some plans for the rest of 2011. (2 pages) You can also visit our newsletter library HERE


Week 15.


balloons in flight.

the kid at the end of this video is so, so lucky.


Week 14.

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So, I haven't posted this yet because I am a blog-neglector, but Steve and I are expecting a baby! I will try to post these faithfully every week. click to enlarge.

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