it is a different kind of "coming home" when you are expecting to leave again. it almost feels as though the whole visit is on fast forward, [visit everyone you can as quickly as you can]. a whirlwind of change runs through my head as i try to marry the "now" with "what will be" while everything surrounding is exactly the way i left it. it is sometimes a challenge to focus moment to moment without getting carried away with plans for what's next. (it is helpful to be overwhelmed with fruits and veggies during the process though...thanks marge.)

[my mom, with a shadowy face, whom i affectionately refer to as"marge", and no, that is not her real name]

it has been refreshing to see familiar faces. although i know that we are not 10 years old anymore, it still catches me slightly off guard whenever i hang out with jess, her husband and their two kids. i have to remind myself that she is not "playing house", but is beautifully juggling the life of a young mom. while she floats about pouring apple juice for the boys (sometimes for steve, he loves his apple j.) and planning pampered chef parties i am left staring proudly at who my "kellsister" has become. 

and than there are mick & misie in maryland. that whole weekend for me was a smile fest. they are a great couple who possess the incredible ability to sit around and do nothing while having the greatest time ever. i love them for that. as we enjoyed our smorgasbord of hummus, candy, tangaritas and ver-yogurty-frozen yogurt, we were surrounded by good company and the fact that second chances are possible and the realization that love is a very, very good thing.


i am learning to recognize the beauty and simplicity of truth all around me, catching glimpses of creation in the quirky personality of my 2 year old niece (who calls me dive, a mix between steve and diane), the embrace of my husband, coffee dates with katie meyler (who inspires me to no end and deserves a blog of her own...be on the lookout for that...), my sister katie's willingness to lend us her room for months on end and even within myself as i recognize His kingdom with each ache to create.

where i have tried to rationalize the love of the Father, i soak in his grace and walk on. i am giving up in the places where i have tried to fight against injustice and will instead fight for peace. 

{"thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"}

i used to think that life was fragile and that it could be doomed by bad decisions that i made. i have come to experience that it is strong, resilient and {begging}to be lived.

[grandma joan at her 83rd birthday party]

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