Happy Birthday Jenni!

Wishing the happiest of days to a fun and creative friend! Love you Jenni! Cheers.


Photo of the Day

Mbonisweni, South Africa


We're kind of a big deal.

Steve and I are back in Kona and as it turns out we are really popular. We know this because reason #1 a stranger on the Kona campus came up to us and really casually said to Steve, "Nice to see you Steve and Diane!"* and then he looked at me and said (to Steve), "Dude, your seed is about to sprout".** As we walked away I asked Steve if that was our BFF that I forgot that we had. Steve had no idea who the guy was. BAM...we're famous. Also, reason #2 Johnny & Jenni posted a blog about us! We are really lucky to know this amazing couple and are so looking forward to spending every day with them this fall when we staff the Community Transformations DTS together ; )

*not weird.


It's a GIRL!

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So, a 1lb 15oz baby has overtaken my blog and now all of the posts are about her (yes, HER! It's a girl). I promise someday I will post about something else but for right now I am fighting jetlag (a 12 hour time difference) and a sinus infection that makes my head feel like it is simultaneously floating in space and being weighed down by bricks.


Week 25


Weeks 21, 22, 23 and 24

Lack of internet, travel (and days where I have a general feeling of hugeness/not wanting to be photographed) has put us way behind on our baby weeks photos. Here is weeks 21 + 22. i will upload weeks 23 + 24 the next time I get a steady internet connection.
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