Wearing justice like a turban...

hello my dear family&friends. i hope that you are all doing well. i am really starting to miss you and will be glad to have a new phone next week so that i can hear about what's going on in your lives and share what is going on in mine. i fear if I don't tell you soon my heart will EXPLODE. i am once again overwhelmed by God's grace and provision...in every.single.area of my life. i have been really busy this past week and have been stealing away every moment that i can to hideout and just BE. i am being challenged physically and emotionally and i really value the time where i can get away to process all of it and just melt in the peace of God.

[because we serve a God who takes care of His kids] wedding plans have been literally falling into place. thank you for your continued prayers for steve & i as we prepare our hearts for the next 100 years (so what if i want to be 122 years old...)

photogenX as a group has established a definite outline of where we will be traveling within the next two years (whereas before we had more of a general outline) we are going to have the opportunity to develop some amazing projects to make some changes in this world through visual media...not just taking photographs for the sake of art or to evoke PITY. but, creating art that CAPTURES the beauty and individuality of the subject and exposing desperate situations so that there can be JUSTICE. as i prepare to do this, every part of me is aching for to meet and photograph these people and this has been my hearts cry this past week;

job 29:12-16 
"...I rescued the poor who cried for help and the fatherless who had none to assist him. the man who was dying blessed me, I made the widows heart sing. I put on righteousness as my clothing; justice was my robe and my turban. I was eyes to the blind. and feet to the lame. I was a father to the needy; I took up the case of the stranger..."



the fusion of faith and photography.

Aloha! I am currently living in Kona, Hawaii where I have roommates from Zimbabwe, California, England, Wisconsin, New Zealand and Denmark. 7 Sisters living under one roof. We are all part of a group called photogenX, a team of photographers seeking to make a change in the world with their art. There are artists and missionaries representing 41+ nations here; it is such an amazing experience to work and worship together despite cultural and denominational differnces. The people of Hawaii are so gracious and held a protocol ceremony for us upon our arrival, inviting us into their land and into their "Ohana", which means family.

They are not the only ones who gained a new "Ohana". On April 12th Steve and I were with the team at Pololu Valley (never heard of it? Ever seen Jurassic Park? You know that opening helicopter shot...yeah, THAT valley). As we sat on a rock wall in the parking lot of the valley we were overwhelmed by God's grace and the plans that He has for his children. Steve asked me to be his wife, and ...on June 14th I will become just that ; ) (Yes, June 2008...God's timing defies human logic sometimes...)

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