Grassroots News Piece- Flooding in Pakistan

Since the massive floods hit Pakistan in 2010 more than 21,000,000 people have been affected making it one of the worst natural disasters in human history. Nearly 2 million homes have been destroyed leaving over 8 million men, women and children internally displaced and homeless. Over the past months dysentery and other waterborne illnesses have begun to run rampant among refugee communities.

PhotogenX International received a phone call from our friends in Pakistan asking for help. The result has been the creation of Pure Hope Pakistan, a newly formed cooperative NGO dedicated to distributing 100,000 pure water filters to Pakistani flood victims.

In this piece for Grassroots News International, my husband Steve interviews those affected by the flood. Thanks to Greg Althoff for putting this piece together.


decide what to be and go be it.


Dad's reply.

I know, I know, some of you have probably been waiting on bated breathe wondering, "did he write back, did he write back?" he did. my favorite is the part about the nap.
I had no idea what "See you in the AM" meant but I played it cool. 

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