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Aloha! I am currently living in Kona, Hawaii where I have roommates from Zimbabwe, California, England, Wisconsin, New Zealand and Denmark. 7 Sisters living under one roof. We are all part of a group called photogenX, a team of photographers seeking to make a change in the world with their art. There are artists and missionaries representing 41+ nations here; it is such an amazing experience to work and worship together despite cultural and denominational differnces. The people of Hawaii are so gracious and held a protocol ceremony for us upon our arrival, inviting us into their land and into their "Ohana", which means family.

They are not the only ones who gained a new "Ohana". On April 12th Steve and I were with the team at Pololu Valley (never heard of it? Ever seen Jurassic Park? You know that opening helicopter shot...yeah, THAT valley). As we sat on a rock wall in the parking lot of the valley we were overwhelmed by God's grace and the plans that He has for his children. Steve asked me to be his wife, and ...on June 14th I will become just that ; ) (Yes, June 2008...God's timing defies human logic sometimes...)

Dan and Katie  – (April 22, 2008 at 6:31 AM)  

maybe i should have checked this before i left that smart ass comment on your facebook?




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