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so (and i can't believe that i am starting this note with "so" because i always convince steve that it's grammatically incorrect, even for blogging), sometimes when you find yourself far from home you need to celebrate the "small things" in life in order to stay sane. so, two days ago steve and i celebrated our "two years ago since the steve and diane saga started". we tried to go to a funky, fun restaurant and ended up at one that reminded us a lot of Monday nights with Grandpa Chinworth at the Golfer's Club. it was such a great night. we got to talking and realized that we don't often S T O P and reflect on where we are, where we have been and where we are going. so, i got out my mini-purse-sized-notebook (because i need to write things down) and started to make a list (because i need to make lists). the list is called, "two years from when the text went out" and it goes as follows:

1. the text went out.
2. fell in love.
3. laguna beach (for the record, this is not pertaining to the actual laguna beach, but some drama that we likened to the hit, ridiculously overdramatic TV show, laguna beach")
4. moved to an island in the pacific.
5. got engaged on said island.
6. got married on said island.
7. had an amazing wedding for realllly cheap. (thanks God, family and friends).
8. Kauai Honeymoon.
8.5. India.
9. Afghanistan Honeymoon. (got weird diseases, sat on a soviet tank, got worms, got bombed, fell in love with a beautiful nation, etc)
10. South Africa.
11. Walked around Prague to decompress. Also, to spend some time alone for the first time in our marriage.
12. Moved "Down South, USA" (love to Jon + MC)
13. Back to that one Island.
14. Made a commitment (PhotogenX.net)
15. Went to Panama.
16. Published our first book to advocate orphans rights in Panama.
17. Quick visit to the states for some home cookin' (thanks, Moms.)
18. Back to South Africa.

photo | ryanp.

and so it goes.
we have a really beautiful life.

Yana  – (October 25, 2009 at 6:43 PM)  

I'd have to agree, your life IS beautiful.

I'm glad we're not the only ones that remember to celebrate 'beginnings'. Chris and I just celebrated three years of Love...it's amazing how far you can go such a short amount of time!

So glad you and Steve are happy...

love you D!

Kimmi  – (November 3, 2009 at 7:52 AM)  

that's adorable :)
we're praying for you guys!

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