the prince of egypt.

well, since i have been strongly advised not to post anything on the internet about what we are doing here in Egypt for the protection of all people everywhere (well, here) i have decided to make today's post a little bit less informational/heart striring (if this blog ever really is that) and a little bit more like an entry from the journal of a girl in love (note: this is the type of entry that i usually resort to in situations like this one. it's a big part of the journey, right?) this girl is me and the guy is the one and only stephan schallert. because of him, my life is a dream. there is no one i'd rather travel the world with, share hearts with, no one else who knows how to diffuse my heart with a single glance and i think the only person who still thinks i'm beautiful even when my face has been bit by a scorpian, stung by a bee etc. (yeah, it happens).

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