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We at PhotogenX are often presented with opportunites to partner with amazing people to make BIG changes. These opportunities are why we do what we do. They are opportunities that we cannot ignore. 

In February Youth With a Mission International sent a PhotogenX team to Haiti (of which Steve and I were a part) to develop a presentation that was given to YWAM international leaders, International Diplomats, Business Executives and key media contacts to form a sustainable long-term response to the disaster that shook the nation. The results of the presentation that our team created for are overwhelming and eight months later we are still hearing stories of how influential people are partnering to re-build Haiti because of it.

Again we have an amazing opportunity at hand. Right now Pakistan is facing a disaster that is larger than the last 5 natural disasters combined (like Haiti and Chile). There have been over 
2 million homes destroyed, 
over 7 million people displaced without proper shelter, 
the disaster is affecting 21 million people! 
What makes it worse has been the media blackout for the last month that has kept this information from getting out. The main concern now is the same thing that flooded them, water. Dysentery and other waterborne illnesses are beginning to spread and it is crucial that the people of Pakistan get clean drinking water-SOON!

Steve and Greg (a PhotogenX teammate, filmmaker and web designer) were asked to make a campaign to bring over 100,000 water filters to families that have been affected by this flood. Each filter can help a family of 10 and would be able to produce over 300 gallons of clean drinking water each week if needed. 

Greg has already built a website and a logo and he and Steve will travel to Pakistan NEXT WEEK to help with the distribution of water filters and to film the needs and some of the first families receiving these filters. They will be able to bring back the pictures and footage to make a promo video that will help bring safe and clean drinking water to over a million people who have been affected by the disaster.

Would you prayerfully consider contributing to this great need?

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Keep up the good work guys.
You're the men :)

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