For the first time ever Steve and I live in an apartment with rooms and walls that make sense. Since we didn't own any furniture we have had a lot of fun doing DIY projects and getting creative with how to make a space liveable without spending money. We moved into this space just in time for me to go into nesting mode. I was waiting to post these "before" and "after" photos until I actually finished the room but....I am not sure that is ever going to happen, so here we are. Maybe someday I will hang up the rest of the pictures/frames on the walls and get around to hanging up the curtains that I made, but not today. Now we just need a baby! Everything in this room was thrifted, gifted, made or found.

This room used to be a laundry room, so it has a utility sink in the corner and it's own entrance to outside. Convenient. The mobile hanging up on the door was a gift from our friend is made with origami! I forgot to take a photo of the shelf/closet with baby's clothes on it that we repurposed (which was given to us by our friends Christian & Sharee)
I fell in love with this fabric and made pillow covers using MC's tutorial here. The fabric along the back end of the crib is actually curtains that I made but haven't hung up. Crib: gift!
Quilt handmade by Steve's mom from fabrics that Steve & his siblings had as a kid!

"Ludlow" is a Sleepy King, a gift from Misie & Mick.

I loved this bamboo mobile but it's price was steep- then it went on sale on Gilt Groupe and someone got it for Baby as a gift!

This sweet little note came with a baby outfit that we got, I thought it seemed fitting for our little one.
Michigan & New Jersey teething rings. Gifts from Kimi and Misie.

A sweet gift from Aunt Mary Catherine.

Baby photos of Steve & I are displayed on this handmade chalkboard. I forgot to get a photo of it, but it has a quote on it for Baby. Picture to come soon!

Sterling silver baby rattles that were mine when I was a baby | "Baby Schallert" mug- a sweet gift from dear friends Zach & Laura whose Dad is a potter and made this just for us! | Wooden Camera toy- another sweet gift from Kimi & Misie.

An incredibly creative "Quillow" made by Aunt MC. Check out the link for more photos of it and a link to the tutorial.

This vintage baby pushcart was a gift from my sweet friend Jo. The wheels are a bit rusted but I am sure this gem will be featured in a baby photoshoot very soon ; ) Books inside were gifts from my cousin, Christine. Vintage books were found.

Sweet Tomato Pie  – (August 12, 2011 at 5:48 AM)  

Love it, love it, love it! Such a sweet and perfect little nest for baby. I can NOT wait to meet her!!

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