Sex + Money: The National Search for Human Worth Goes to the Garden State

In 2007, a group of PhotogenX students embarked on a journey through 20+ nations on every inhabitable continent, motivated by their love for photography and their passion for justice. At the outset, their experiences seemed diverse, even random.  However, a common thread of human suffering would soon emerge as their travels exposed them to a dark, seldom discussed side of humanity-- children being bought and sold to satisfy the sexual pleasures of other humans.
As they returned to the United States in 2008, the students were surprised to find that the same injustice was happening on the soil of their own country.  Unfortunately, a large percentage of Americans are still unaware that such a grotesque crime could ever be taking place in their midst.

SEX + MONEY: A National Search for Human Worth is a feature length film that documents a group of students as they travel in an RV across the United States, seeking to understand how the sexual exploitation of children has become the nation's fasting growing form of organized crime. As the students encounter the brave men and women who are fighting on the front lines of the modern abolitionist movement, they begin to consider what further action can be taken to bring an end to such obscene forms of injustice.

The final movement of  Sex + Money portrays the students quest to help make America the first slave-free nation in the world and to inspire others to do the same.

This is the third "webisode" that has been released in anticipation for the final documentary. It just so happens to be filmed where I grew up, in New Jersey.

Click to view Sex + Money Webisode #1 and Webisode # 2. 

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