a language made of film.

My attempt to post every day has been at the mercy of busy life and trying desperately to not be sick anymore. What started out as a photo of the day might find a better suited title such as a photo every few days, a few photos on some day or no photos for a couple of days, so I apologize if there does exist even one faithful reader who waits on bated breath for each day's post (misie? mom? anyone?).

I contemplated picking out photos for each days post before hand so that I could just click "publish blog" and be done with it, but the truth is, photo of the day is not just about posting photos for everyone to see. I am not even certain anyone cares to see them, it is more about forcing myself to go back through all of my photos and LOOK. It is about remembering each face and place and moment. So, if a photo ever seems random (much like today's), is slightly out of focus and doesn't have an amazing story to go along with it, know that something about it struck a chord in my heart as I clicked through files upon files.

[green eyed guy | afghanistan 2008]

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