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Reverse Trick-Or-Treating
It's not everyday that you have cute little monsters, scary ghosts or awkward teenagers in sort-of-costumes knocking on your door but fall has arrived and the time for trick-or-treating is fast approaching. You know the costumed masses are coming so this year, instead of turning out your lights and pretending you're not home, giving out healthy snacks (I've done this) or quarters taped to tracts clearly explaining how to escape the doom of hell (I won't mention any of my parents' names), why not participate in a new way? This Halloween families across the United States and Canada* will help to
-END forced labor in the cocoa industry
-ERADICATE poverty among cocoa farmers
-PROMOTE Fair Trade
-CHANGE Consumer Habits
…all by giving Fair Trade chocolate back to adults and kids as they Trick-or-Treat in their communities on October 31st.
Global Exchange is giving out FREE Reverse Trick-Or-Treat kits (containing fair trade chocolate attached to an informational card about the problems in the cocoa industry such as child slavery, environmental degradation, and poverty and how fair trade provides a solution).

*Global friends, please get involved, too!!!

Chocolate Campaign

Join Not For Sale in the "Raise the Bar Campaign" by selling delicious Sweet Earth Fair Trade Chocolate, hosting a film screening of the new documentary, The Dark Side of Chocolate, and asking others to sign to petition to make Hershey’s fair trade. Your efforts in this chocolate campaign will:

1. Raise awareness of the ongoing use of child labor and human trafficking in the cocoa industry;

2. Inspire thousands to sign petitions asking Hershey to be transparent in the sourcing of their cocoa beans, and begin sourcing Fair Trade Certified cocoa;

3. Raise funds needed for the Not For Sale Campaign to end child labor and human trafficking in the production of chocolate.

Not For Sale has partnered with Sweet Earth Chocolates so you can offer 100% organic Fair Trade chocolate to your friends and family!  This chocolate comes from grower co-operatives that monitor their operations to ensure that forced labor was not used in the production of their chocolate.


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