Photo recap of the last three years.

Today Steve and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. After working at the Kona campus:
I took a nap
Steve and I watched Fantasy Factory
We strolled around downtown Kona
Sat by the ocean
Visited the church where we got hitched
Had a delicious dinner from a restaurant that picks your food from their garden when you order it. 
It was a perfect day.
Here is a recap of our last three years.

We moved to Hawaii to volunteer with photogenX
Two weeks later we were engaged.
Two months later we were married. 
Two weeks after that we headed to Afghanistan and then to Memphis, Tennessee where Jon & Mary Catherine graciously hosted us.


We met some of nearest and dearest friends while staffing the photogenX Discipleship Training School. (They made us this banner for our first anniversary) 
We traveled to Panama, South Africa and Egypt.


South Africa.

We traveled to Haiti where I contracted a disease that Steve and I refer to as "the evil monster of doom disease" in hindsight. It was a physically traumatic year and honestly I don't remember a lot of it. 
Steve traveled to Pakistan and I got to visit my family on the east coast.
 The Schallert's came to Hawaii to spend Christmas with us.
The Schallerts.
On the first day of the new year we found out that we were going to have a baby!
We traveled to South Africa (We like it there).  

South Africa.

It has been an incredible three years and I am convinced that I am the luckiest wife on earth. Here's to many, many more.

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